ERMENİ SORUNU DOSYASI /// ORHAN TAN : Başkan Obama’ ya Açık Mekt ubum

Başkan Obama’ ya gönderdiğim ve bu mesajımla size yönlendirdiğim açık mektubuma değerli katkılarından dolayı Sayın Şükrü Server Aya’ ya ve Sayın Fatma Sarıkaya’ ya teşekkürlerimi sunuyorum. Bana Beyaz Saray’ dan zaman zaman gelen yazıları okurum. Temennim Başkan Obama’ nın da veya bana mesaj gönderen yardımcılarının da mektubumu okumalarıdır.


O. Tan


Mr. Barrack H. Obama

The President, USA

His Excellency,

While we are getting closer to 24 th of April we have been receiving news from the press that you are being requested to recognize the so called Armenian genocide and convince Turkish Government to recognize as well. Armenians’ claims are mostly based on rumours and not valid historical documents. This is the reason why they abstain from participating in a neutral commission or officially and legally apply to U.N.’s Judicial Authorities. In fact, genocide claims must be scrutinized in the context of UN rules and regulations. UN so far recognized the 1945 holocaust and the Rwanda massacres as genocide, both resolved by International tribunals. I want to comment that should our President and the Congress accept Armenians’ proposal will totally paradoxical to U.S. official documents, that prove the very opposite, such as the “Near East Relief report of Dec.31, 1921 voted unanimously by US Senate Congress and Senate. This report makes no reference to any atrocities, almost thanks Turks for taking care of orphans and protecting relief operations. It states that 1.414.000 Armenians are alive. Total Armenian Population in Turkey and Caucasus was under 2 million; this report evidences about 586.000 Armenians lost their lives. Russian Armenian historian and Soviet records attest that 195.000 Armenians died in Armenia during their 30 month Dashnakist Republic 1918-1920. Another Leage of Nations Official Gazette of Sept.21, 1929 officially evidences that 200.000 Armenian Revolutionaries sacrificed their lives when fighting for the Allied Powers (against their home country). US Official records (Captain Emory Niles in August 1919 and General Harbord’s Mission to Armenia, confirm that it was the Armenian revolutionaries who killed all Moslems with “refinements of cruelty”. Does today’s Administration have the right to reverse history or nullify official US documents?

– The decision to blame a nation with genocide guilt is under the authority of UN’s OSAPG office and UN procedures carried by special UN secretary for genocide affairs in an international court. US and world documents by thousands evidence the various revolutions of Armenian volunteers, gangs and troops and sabotaging the Turkish Army’s logistic lines, who were fighting British at Dardanels and Russians in the Caucasus. This “military measure” was successful, when there were no homes to shelter and feed them the Revolutionaries evacuated the area. Wrong doings during the war chaos and insufficient guarding of immigrants were punished in early 1916 over 1600 martial courts, whereby over some 1200 suspects were heavily penalized and 67 of them executed.

– The Blue Book was confirmed to be war propaganda and was not accepted by the Prosecutor in Malta trials 1920-1922. The information given by Ambassador Morgenthau in his “story book” is directly refuted and reversed with what he had written himself in his diary for the same incidents. These are all documented in books available at the Congress Library.

– When the WW I was over, Allied Armies occupied Istanbul and they immediately searched all archives, including UK and US’ s. Ottoman Government requested five neutral European states to assign judges to study hearsays produced by Armenians and their supporters. While the British government decided to judge the accused 144 Turkish dignitaries / commanders in Malta, the other allied members declined to participate . More than two years of search for valid documents by the British court ended without a single indictment and they were forced to set the Turkish dignitaries free.

– At any rate the following note verbale of Sir Eric Drummond, General Secretary of the League of Nations, dated March 1, 1920 is definite evidence that Turkish governments were not involved in any banditries or massacres. < “Further, in Turkey, minorities were often oppressed and massacres carried out by irregular bands who were entirely outside the control of the central Turkish Government.” >

– US Senate sent Major General Harbord with a delegation to Turkey. Gen. Harbord after an extensive survey reported to the US Senate that provocations were staged by the British on Armenians to encourage them to join the war against the Ottoman Empire. In his report Gen. Harbord mentioned moslem losses, too.

– The first PM of Armenia Hovannes Katchaznouni says, in 1923 ; “The Sevres Treaty had blinded everyone’s eyes… We now see that if we had agreed on a settlement with the Turks directly (in spite of the Sevres Treaty) we might have gained a lot. But we could not see this point…It is also a reality, an unforgivable reality that we did not do anything to avoid war, but did just the opposite; we created excuses for it.”

– Armenians, referring to Hitler, use a clause as such; “ Who remembers Armenians” . That clause was refused when presented to the Nuremberg trials. U.S. Military archives lately disclosed that there was no such statement in the speech of Hitler.

– Dec.17, 2013 The European Court of Human Rights decision states; “……Moreover, Court acknowledged the fact that it would be very difficult to identify a general consensus in the academic community concerning the legal characterization of the events of the time as genocide. “

I kindly request you not to produce a decision using fabricated documents. I kindly request once again you not to consider the proposals of Armenians, but please mention the suffering of both sides instead.

Respectfully Yours,

Orhan Tan


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