Florida man, 34, dies after breaking into home, taking father hostage in search of ‘mind control box’

Steven Bradley, 34, (not pictured) died after he allegedly broke into his neighbors’ home and held the father hostage in Poinciana, Fla.

A Florida man ended up dead after he broke into a family home to search for a so-called "mind control box."

Steven Bradley, 34, allegedly burst through the front door of a Poinciana property shortly after 4 a.m. on Monday, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

He was armed with several pistols.

The noise woke up the family-of-four who lived inside the house, and the mom managed to grab her two 7-year-old children and hide in a bathroom.

The father, however, was apprehended by Bradley and dragged from room-to-room. He was reportedly looking for a "mind control box," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

Poinciana hostage situation ends with suspect’s death

The mom called deputies and she was able to escape with the youngsters when officers arrived outside the house, according to WFLA.

Law enforcers then surrounded the property and attempted to talk with Bradley.

At one point they spotted him peeking outside from behind a wall, and deputies opened fire. He rushed inside and locked himself in the bedroom.

The father of the family was then able to escape to safety.


It was later revealed that he suffered from mental health issues.

Deputies sent in robots to look inside the room where Bradley had holed himself up, and found him dead on the floor.

He was surrounded by two guns and a backpack full of ammo, WFTV reports.

It’s not clear whether he was killed by the deputies or he turned a pistol on himself.

But it’s since emerged that he lived at a neighboring home with his mom and had been suffering from mental health issues.



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